18 September Minutes


September 21, 2018

Mission: Drug Free Johnson County is a volunteer organization dedicated to serving as a catalyst for preventing, treating and reducing the negative effects of substance abuse by youth and adults in Johnson County.

Attendees: Rick Hughes, Tammi Hickman, Michelle McMahon, Zach Russell, Aaron Hagist, Peter Nugent, Kathleen Ratcliff, Abby Hamilton, Nicole Emerson, Sonya Ware-Meguiar, Kendee Kolp, Kate Krukemeier, Kyle Roberts, Susan Sahm, and Nancy Voris.

  • Michelle McMahon called the meeting to order at 10:36 A.M.
  • Introductions were made by all in attendance
  • Michelle McMahon gave everyone the opportunity to review the minutes for the previous meeting. Kendee Kolp made a motion to approve the minutes; Kate Krukemeier seconded the motion. All in attendance approved. Minutes were approved.
  • Coordinator Rick Hughes announced the totals for the past 3 months. Total for July is $7,131.49; total for August is $9,062.44 and September total through September 19th is $7,113.53.
  • Rick Hughes reported he sent an announcement for the grant applications earlier this week. Proposals must be submitted from September 17th through October 26, 2018. All proposals must be sent electronically and a hard copy must be provided also; postmarked by October 26, 2018.
  • Rick Hughes asked the members if they preferred for meeting minutes to be sent prior to the meeting or if they can be provided at the meeting? Members indicated meeting minutes offered at each meeting will suffice.
  • Rick Hughes also reminded the members that October’s meeting will be held on October 26th due to fall break.
  • Nicole Emerson provided a brief update on the grant funds provided to Turning Point.
  • Michelle McMahon asked if anyone had old business that needed to be discussed? No old business was presented.
  • Michelle McMahon asked if anyone had new business? Kate Krukemeier nominated Kyle Roberts from Adult Probation as a new member. Aaron Hagist seconded the nomination. All members affirmed.
  • Tammi Hickman nominated Judge Peter Nugent as a new member; Nicole Emerson seconded the nomination. All members affirmed.
  • Michelle McMahon made motion to adjourn the meeting; Tammi Hickman seconded. Meeting adjourned.