18 November Minutes


November 16, 2018

Mission: Drug Free Johnson County is a volunteer organization dedicated to serving as a catalyst for preventing, treating and reducing the negative effects of substance abuse by youth and adults in Johnson County.

Attendees: Rick Hughes, Judy Olds, Tammi Hickman, Nicole Emerson, Cindy Carroll, Michelle McMahon, Sonya Ware-Meguiar, Kendee Kolp, Aaron Hagist, Kate Krukemeier, Kyle Roberts, Susan Sahm, Jennifer Parker, Kody Martin, Zach Russell, Kathleen Ratcliff and Nancy Voris.

  • Judy Olds called the meeting to order at 10:35 A.M.
  • Introductions were made by all in attendance
  • Judy Olds gave everyone the opportunity to review the minutes for the previous meeting. Kendee Kolp made a motion to approve the minutes; Sonya Ware-Meguiar seconded the motion. All in attendance approved. Minutes were approved.
  • Coordinator Rick Hughes also announced that October funds totaled $9,204.89 and that funding for November through today’s date (11/16/18) us $6,986.29.
  • It was announced that Abby Hamilton is absent today but Kendee Kolp is her proxy.
  • Coordinator Rick Hughes also announced that 2019 will be a big year and the current comp plan will expire in 2019 and a new 3 year plan will have to be created and voted on by August 2019.
  • Coordinator Rick Hughes gives an update on the current grant applications. The grant application for the Sheriff’s Department needs to be moved to Treatment from Law Enforcement. Also, the Youth Connections grant was moved to Prevention. Rick reminds the committee that grant applications were due by October 26th, and hard copies had to be post marked by that date also. Rick informed the committee that the Executive Committee met prior to the meeting starting and voted to not allow the Greenwood City Probation’s grant application to be accepted due to the electronic copy not being submitted according to the grant application rules.
  • Judy Olds announced she recently attended the Community Anti-Drug Coalition meeting. Tammi Hickman requested advance notice of future meetings of this coalition be sent to the committee for possible attendance.
  • Those members that offered to review and score the grant applications were reminded to pick up the grant application binders that Coordinator Rick Hughes created at the end of the meeting. The grant committee was reminded they will be meeting on Tuesday, December 4th at 1 P.M. at the Johnson County CASA office conference room. Nicole Emerson reported she has jury duty and can’t participate any longer. Kate Krukemeier offered to take her place and the group accepted.
  • Coordinator Rick Hughes provided meeting dates for 2019. Discussion was held on whether June or July meeting should be held or cancelled? A reminder that a new comp plan would have to be drafted and approved also. Tammi Hickman offered the calendar should remain as is with meetings held both months and meeting can be cancelled later if not necessary. Susan Sahm motioned to approve that plan; Kate Krukemeier seconded the motion. All voted in favor.
  • Old business; none was discussed.
  • New business; Judy Olds reminded the members of the Youth Connections Talent Show scheduled in February 2019.
  • All members shared their plans for Thanksgiving and we learned that Aaron Hagist will be feeding a small army at his house!
  • Tammi Hickman made a motion to adjourn and Aaron Hagist seconded.
  • Meeting adjourned.