18 July Minutes


JULY 20, 2018

Mission: Drug Free Johnson County is a volunteer organization dedicated to serving as a catalyst for preventing, treating and reducing the negative effects of substance abuse by youth and adults in Johnson County.

Attendees: Rick Hughes, Judy Olds, Tammi Hickman, Abby Hamilton, Jennifer Parker, Nicole Emerson, Kathleen Ratcliff, Cindy Carroll, Tony Povinelli, Michelle McMahon, Sonya Ware-Meguiar, Aaron Hagist, Kendee Kolp, Lyndsey White.

  • Rick Hughes called the meeting to order at 10:34 A.M.
  • Introductions were made by all in attendance
  • Rick Hughes gave everyone the opportunity to review the minutes for the previous meeting. Tony Povinelli made a motion to approve the minutes; Sonya Ware-Meguiar seconded the motion. All in attendance approved. Minutes were approved.
  • Rick made an announcement regarding Jim Hoeing’s absence.
  • Rick Hughes provided the income for May ($8,627.48), June ($7,818.73) and total for the year ($49,563.41), which is above last year’s total.
  • Rick Hughes shared the updated draft for the Comprehensive Plan, which Lindsey White and Michelle McMahon helped create. Nicole Emerson asked what events qualify for community events? Kathleen Ratcliff pointed out possible error in comprehensive plan that needs corrected. Michelle McMahon asks if county data should be used on problem #2 instead of state data? Committee discusses and decides to make correction and use county data and remove the state data. Judy Olds requests the county data be sent to Michelle McMahon to make the modification to the comprehensive plan. Committee decides to make changes and re-send comprehensive plan to all members via e-mail for approval as final vote before submitting to ICJI.
  • Judy Olds announces Rick Hughes resignation as Chair for the Executive Committee.
  • Judy Olds further announces that the Executive Committee met on Julye 10, 2018 and voted to make Rick Hughes the new Executive Director of DFJC.
  • The floor was opened to accept new nominations for Chair.
  • Michelle McMahon nominated Judy Olds for Chair. Nicole Emerson seconded the nomination. The board unanimously voted to approve Judy Olds as Chair.
  • Judy announced that Vice Chair is now open. Lindsey White nominates Michelle McMahon; Judy Olds seconds the nomination. The board unanimously votes to approve Michelle McMahon as Vice Chair.
  • Michelle McMahon nominates Kathleen Ratcliff as an addition to the Board of Directors. Kendee Kolp seconds the nomination. All board of directors unanimously agree. Kathleen Ratcliff is added to the Board of Directors.
  • Rick Hughes asks if anyone has new business to bring forward.
    • Sonya Ware-Meguiar announces the 75 Women Strong Breakfast will be held on July 25th at 8:30 A.M. at Dye’s Walk. It is a giving event to support girls.
    • Aaron Hagist and Tony Povinelli announce that heroin and meth are dominating the arrests and new criminal charges recently. They stated that 4 years ago, those drugs could be sold for $100/gram but are now sold at $40/gram, making it easier and cheaper to procure.
    • Lindsey White announced she is leaving for a new position in Kokomo, IN. She hopes to appoint a new representative to replace her on the board of directors.
    • Judy Olds announced that Youth Connections would be hosting a rummage sale in the Youth Connections parking lot on August 4th from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M.
    • Sonya Ware-Meguiar announced that Girls Inc. has an opening for employment for a position that needs staffed from 2 P.M. – 6 P.M.
    • Tammi Hickman made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Michelle McMahon seconded.
    • Meeting adjourned at 11 A.M.