17 October Minutes

October 2017 Minutes
Board of Directors Meeting

Mission: Drug Free Johnson County is a volunteer organization dedicated to serving as a catalyst for preventing, treating and reducing the negative effects of substance abuse by youth and adults in Johnson County.

Attendees: Rick Hughes, Judy Olds, Tony Povinelli, Nicole Emerson, Tammi Hickman, Abby Hamilton, Kate Krukemeier, Dave Schuettmer, Lindsey White, Bill Kindle, Aaron Hagist, Bill Doty, Susan Sahm, Kendee Kolp, Sonya Ware-Meguiar, Michelle McMahon

1. Rick Hughes called the meeting to order at 1111 hours.
2. Introductions were made by all those in attendance.
3. Rick Hughes gave everyone a chance to review the September minutes. Judy Olds made a motion to accept the minutes. Sonya Ware-Meguiar seconded the motion. Rick Hughes called for a vote. All members voted in favor, with none opposed.
4. Due to scheduling conflicts, Rick Hughes opened a discussion of moving the November meeting to December 1st, 2017 at 2:00. The board elected to tentatively use this date and time. Jim Hoeing will email members with any changes.
5. Sonya Ware-Meguiar provided a grantee update for Girl’s Inc. Sonya provided a hand out detailing the Friendly PEER – SMART Choices! program. The hand out also showed results from the pre and post tests taken. Sonya read a letter from a 16 year old that has completed the program and how it helped her. Girl’s Inc. served 535 girls last year, and is on track to serve 550, or more, girls this year. Girl’s Inc. serves girls as young as four (4), and hosts and afterschool program, as well as a summer camp. Girl’s Inc. also provides outreach programs for schools and job corps. A leadership academy is offered for older girls, which helps them to mentor younger girls. A copy of the handout will be attached to the October minutes / records.
6. Rick Hughes asked for a volunteer to provide a grantee update at the next meeting. Abby Hamilton stated she would provide an update for the Breaking Chains program.
7. Rick Hughes asked for any old business. No old business was brought forward.
8. Rick Hughes asked for any new business:
a. Sonya Ware-Meguiar passed out a flier for Girl’s Inc. The flier promotes a fundraiser for Girl’s Inc., where purchases made at Charming Charlie allow proceeds to be donated. The date of the fundraiser is October 28th, 2017.
b. Susan Sahm stated the Boys and Girls Club of Franklin will be hosting a Halloween event tomorrow. The event is free to the community. There will be a bounce house, pizza, etc…
c. Rick Hughes stated elections will be held at the December meeting for Chair / Vice Chair.
9. With no other new business brought forward, Rick Hughes opened the floor for motions. Kate Krukemeier made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Tammi Hickman seconded the motion. Rick Hughes called for a vote, with all members voting in favor.