16 April Minutes

April 2016 Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting


Mission: Drug Free Johnson County is a volunteer organization dedicated to serving as a catalyst for preventing, treating and reducing the negative effects of substance abuse and thereby enhancing the health and safety of our community.


Attendees:  Stephanie Cunningham, Rick Hughes, Jim Hoeing, Mike Denton, Jennifer Snyder, Kendee Kolp, Dustin Burton, Judy Duncan, Abby Hamilton, John Regas, Susan Sahm, Erica Garrity, Aaron Hagist, Pete Ketchum


  1. Call to Order: Stephanie Cunningham called the meeting to order at 1132 hours.
  2. Introductions were made by all in attendance.
  3. Stephanie Cunningham gave all members a chance to review the March minutes. She asked if anyone had any amendments they wished to have made to the March minutes.  With no amendments recommended, Rick Hughes made a motion to approve the minutes as written.  Susan Sahm seconded the motion, and Stephanie Cunningham called for a vote.  All members voted in favor, with none opposed.
  4. Jim Hoeing provided the coordinator’s report. He stated the March numbers have not yet been made available from the auditor’s office.  No financial report was able to be provided.  Jim Hoeing stated he conducted an informational presentation at the Franklin Active Adult Center on 04-06-2016.  This was done in conjunction with Susan Lowe from Home Instead Senior Services.  Susan had requested DFJC’s assistance with the presentations at the March meeting.  Jim Hoeing stated the presentation was well attended, with approximately 60 attendees.  The topic of discussion was senior safety with prescription drugs.  A second presentation will be made in Greenwood at a later date.  Susan Lowe will reach out to Aaron Hagist with the information.
  5. By-Law review: Copies of the by-laws were passed out with the changes recommended at the last meeting.  The changes included a new mission statement for DFJC.  The board agreed on the changes.  The new by-laws will be placed on the May agenda for the board to vote on.
  6. 2017 Comprehensive Plan was discussed. The board reviewed the current plan’s problem statements.  The board determined the new plan would also consist of three problem statements.  One of those statements will include tobacco and vaping, which are not currently in the comprehensive plan.  It was further determined that one statement would be used for alcohol, tobacco and vaping.  Another statement would be used for illicit drugs, such as marijuana, heroin and cocaine.  The last statement would focus on prescription drug abuse.  Jim Hoeing will complete the three problem statements, and forward them to the board for further discussion/approval at the May meeting.  The board will then focus on the objectives for each problem statement.
  7. Stephanie Cunningham asked if there was any old business to be discussed. No old business was brought up for discussion.
  8. Stephanie Cunningham asked if anyone had new business to bring forward.
    1. Sarah Hall (Communities that Care) stated there would be no funding for CTC next year. CTC will no longer function in Johnson County after 2016.  She stated there are still other things going on in Johnson County, such as Empower Johnson County and some other small programs.
    2. Stephanie Cunningham stated that she has accepted a promotion at Turning Point. Due to the promotion, she will no longer be able to Chair Drug Free Johnson County, or remain on the board.  Stephanie Cunningham stated she would be resigning her position, and the May meeting would be her final meeting with the board.
  9. With no old/new business to discuss, Kendee Kolp made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Abby Hamilton seconded the motion, and Stephanie Cunningham called for a vote.   All members voted in favor, with none opposed.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:48 hours.